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THANK YOU for taking time to help us plan for your FOREVER VIDEO!

Reading the Final Prep Suggestions document that we sent you will help with answering this Questionnaire.

Please ensure that you have read it before answering the questions below.



As soon as you have a working timeline for the day, please email us a copy!

We generally prefer the Photographer's timeline along with the Coordinator and/or DJ.

Video Questionnaire

Venue Restrictions

I have verified any/all video restrictions at the:

Pre-Ceremony / Prep


Please let us know about the style of ceremony you are planning.  This will help us in set-up and in trying to cover the best camera angles.

If there are any other special elements that you have planned, please list them in the box below.

Check all that apply

Your Video / Your Story

Having "dialogue" in your video is a great way to help tell your love story.  It gives you an opportunity to reminisce in years to come, as well as giving your viewer an in-sight to you as a newlyweds!

Our normal "style" is to use dialogue throughout your video.

This can come from different areas of the day, such as:  the Officiant, your vows, love letters, bride and groom "interviews", speeches, etc.

Check all that apply

PLEASE inform your Photographer and Coordinator if you plan on reading or interviewing.  You will need to decide (and let them know) if you want them to capture photos.  HOWEVER, please understand there will be "shutter" sounds as they photograph that cannot be removed from the audio in your video.  While we do not mind if you want them involved, we cannot remove those sounds from the audio.

Check all that apply

First Looks

Check all that apply


Will there be any other locations for photo's (other than the venue)?
Reception Meal

LASTLY! (for the video description story)

Thanks for submitting!

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